RPA in the public sector: The autonomy of the Swedes regained thanks to UiPath

Trelleborg Municipality’s Social Affairs Department used the UiPath platform to automate critical social care decision-making processes. This decision has significantly reduced service response times, but most importantly has enabled employees to provide exceptional service and help Swedish citizens regain control of their lives. This department’s mission is to help citizens regain their autonomy. This mission […]

Quality of life for Copenhagen residents and employees improved with RPA

RPA and UiPath were chosen by the Copenhagen City Council. With the city growing extremely fast, RPA is an ideal technology as it allows Copenhagen to streamline its processes and provide better services to all its citizens. The municipality is already highly digitized as it has been implementing different types of automation for many years. […]

Automation saves four million SEK per year for the municipality of Strängnäs

Strängnäs saves four million kr (Swedish kroner) per year by automating the management of its financial aid process. With RPA, the city of Strängnäs has managed to reduce the time spent on this process by two thirds. This time makes it possible to go on tasks with higher added value such as going to meet […]

Find out how RPA is transforming the UK’s largest government department.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is the largest government department in the UK. Its mission is the provision of social and pension services. The ministry’s goal is to provide unparalleled service to its requesters, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. An RPA project with UiPath robots has been deployed on the process of […]

RPA: small things can make a huge difference for CDR (Central Denmark Region)

Digital transformation is not just about replacing paper. RPA helps administrators and clinicians see how they can improve their work and get the most out of their processes. The CDR is responsible for the management of all hospitals and medical institutions in the region. It is committed to providing the highest standards of service and […]