Quality of life for Copenhagen residents and employees improved with RPA

RPA and UiPath were chosen by the Copenhagen City Council. With the city growing extremely fast, RPA is an ideal technology as it allows Copenhagen to streamline its processes and provide better services to all its citizens.

The municipality is already highly digitized as it has been implementing different types of automation for many years. But she could see that RPA offered something new. She was able to navigate data, work between systems, and skip integrations.

The city quickly found that many of our general administration and shared services processes were RPA-ready.

The company chose a process within human resources that manages people leaving the board as its pilot project. The process included all paperwork and administration – such as official departure letter, final departure date, final salary payment, etc. – carried out within the human resources department. The process was selected because it was highly digitized, so it was relatively easy to automate many tasks within the process using RPA.

Source: https://www.uipath.com/

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