Automation saves four million SEK per year for the municipality of Strängnäs

Strängnäs saves four million kr (Swedish kroner) per year by automating the management of its financial aid process. With RPA, the city of Strängnäs has managed to reduce the time spent on this process by two thirds. This time makes it possible to go on tasks with higher added value such as going to meet the citizens and allowing them to access an independent professional life.

By setting up workshops and visiting other cities, the city found that much of the financial aid process could be automated.

Thus thanks to UiPath robots, the application process has been digitized, which has automated the entire process of processing applications. Through these actions the town of Strängnäs has managed to save around two thirds of the time that is now devoted to meeting residents personally and helping them to set up an independent life and find jobs.


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