With the RPA: A saving of 8,000 hours per year for the regional authority of the Moravia-Silesia region.

T he regional office of Moravia-Silesia, implements automation of processes in the field of granting free subsidies for boilers.

The objective of the RPA is to increase the efficiency of the services provided by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, which has faced a very large number of requests for boiler replacement subsidies.

This time-consuming process was very repetitive (from the acceptance of the application, its validation in the internal systems, the verification of the duplicity of the applications, to the processing, not to mention that the candidate had to be constantly informed of the state of nomination).

The problem was that it was necessary to recruit temporary staff to carry out this activity, or even that the current employees work overtime.

The UiPath robots now in use save resources and also improve the services provided. The robot verifies the information provided to the applicants, sends them e-mails, prepares and prints letters, or checks in the databases if the applicant has already submitted an application for the building. It also identifies income in area bank accounts or registers employees for educational events. Using a robot, we are also able to distribute incoming electronic submissions or anonymize data in documents.

Source: Uipath.com

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