Swiss public administrations

Automate your processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


An RPA solution for Swiss public administrations

We specialize in supporting municipal, cantonal and federal administrations in the automation of digital processes:
Robotic Process Automation / IPA / BPM / BPMN / Training / Change Management

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We specialize in supporting public administrations in the automation of digital processes.

01 Discovery

We help public administrations identify the processes with the greatest potential for automation.

02 Robotic

We automate these processes to allow your workforce to focus on higher value tasks.

03 Artificial Intelligence Automation.

We help public administrations find the right combination between RPA and AI to create intelligent automation solutions.


04 Maintenance.

RPA maintenance is extremely important for public administrations. We help you save unexpected charges and bring you peace of mind.

05 Training.

We offer comprehensive RPA training and enablement services for all skill levels.

06 Change.

We set up change management to prepare, support and help users, administration teams as part of their RPA projects.

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