The cornerstone of administrative automation.

An RPA solution
for public administrations

We offer you a multi-functional and scalable solution for the automation of public administration processes.

Allows developers to automate business processes or parts of them quickly and easily.

Centrally managed so processes can be efficiently distributed and scaled.

Holistic solution to control the automation lifecycle

User-friendly, reliable and simple for end users

Our virtual robots

Our robots can be partly used as:

Digital assistants (Attended) in the workplace.

Digital workers (Unattended) on server systems (external or internal infrastructure)

All our robots are in the process of ISO certification


The architecture of our RPA solution consists of two main areas:

The backend , where Orchestrator resides and where usage data and settings are stored.

The frontend, i.e. the workstations on which the automations are executed.

Security and Governance

Security is an absolute priority for public administrations.

This is why within our solution, the data is always under your control and totally protected .

Our options

Our solution can be enhanced with several options such as:

  • Test automation tools
  • OCR tools
  • Image recognition tools