Extracts from the AO:

Corrective maintenance describes the elimination of errors that occur at end users.

Troubleshooting and elimination of errors fall under the ITIL Service Operation, respectively its processes, and therefore fall within the scope of chapter 3.1.3 “Software maintenance, maintenance and support of RPA software” of the call file. offers. Adaptive and

the maintenance tasks to be improved fall under the discipline of ITIL Service Transition and its processes (mainly Change, Release, Validation and Testing). The basic services to be provided annually for adaptive and perfective maintenance are visible in the price sheet under “Development” and must be represented in terms of costs.

The total volume consists of 95 person-days of development (adaptive and refinement) over the duration of the contract.

If a problem ticket is entered, several incidents are already at the root of it and a known error (KE) has been entered.
If a problem ticket is open, the incident can be closed with the corresponding mention. The incident and problem management process (Service Operation) aligns with common practices of the ITIL framework.